Music Education Programs

I offer Lessons in the following areas of interest:

Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizer
Includes Kids Piano, pop and rock piano, jazz piano, and classical study, depending on the goals of the student.  You will not only learn to read printed music, you will also learn to play by ear, and improvise based on the structure of a piece.  You will also learn how to play from lead sheets and chord charts, as well as read and write using the Nashville Number System, as professional musicians do.

Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitar 
From the very beginning, you’ll be exposed to a variety of rock, blues, country, jazz, and classical styles.  In addition to reading guitar tablature, you’ll also learn how to read standard music notation, and play from the Nashville Number System.

Learn how to strum chords and play melodies on this fun, easy to handle instrument.  Ukulele has gained quite a following in recent times, and many top artists incorporate the ukulele into their arrangements.  Now, you too can learn to play those top hits, as well as use that same knowledge to create your own beautiful, relaxing music.

Learn how to warm up properly, control your breathing (and your stage fright!) and generate a pleasant vocal tone with our beginning exercises and simple songs.   As your experience grows, you’ll learn how to express yourself with more challenging material.  Before long, you’ll have the experience and confidence to tackle any of your favorite songs.

ALL of our programs include a number of popular songs, in a variety of styles.  You’ll be exposed to many different genres, including rock, pop, country, jazz, soul, R&B, and gospel, as well as world music from Asia, Africa, and Central and South America.

All students enrolled in private lessons have many performance opportunities, both for studio recording as well as streaming internet shows.

Private Lessons are one-on-one, teacher and student.  Lessons are scheduled on the same day and time, each week for 45 minutes, and we will typically meet four times a month.  If there is a 5th week in the month, then there is no lesson that day.

  • Distance Learning
    Distance learning is a unique opportunity to learn from home, at your own pace, and at your own convenience.
  • Due to the self-paced nature of the program, distance learning is restricted to students ages 13 and older.
  • There are no lessons to attend.  You will be assigned a weekly assignment from Yousician, our online learning management system.  You work on the assignment at your own pace, and when you master the concept, you submit a video of yourself performing the assignment for your instructor to review.
  • The instructor will respond with his comments, and perhaps a video demonstration of key concepts that might need to be re-visited.  You will review the comments, and re-record and upload your assignment.  The instructor will make further comments as needed.
  • When you have demonstrated mastery of the concept, your instructor will make the next assignment.
  • You may move along at your own pace, so if you are really motivated, you can get several assignments a week.
  • Students who are enrolled in the Distance Learning program get first right of refusal for openings in our in-studio private lesson program as spots open up.
  • All Distance Learning students are required to also subscribe to Yousician, our learning management system.  Yousician is a separate fee, paid to them directly.  We do not generate any revenue from their subscriptions at all.  You will need at least the 9.99 monthly Basic plan (there are other Premium plans that you might enjoy, as well).  There is a free plan, but it is extremely limited in scope, and not appropriate for our needs.

Group Classes
Group classes are scheduled as student interest dictates.  Please call for my current schedule.  Group classes typically meet for six weeks, for an hour each week.

Worship Keyboard
This is a great workshop for the pianist with some playing experience who would like to venture beyond playing with written music, and would like to join their church worship team as a keyboardist.  We use contemporary materials and methods in this class, as well.

Recording Techniques
This class is designed for the novice recording artist who would like to use computer based recording techniques to capture their own music at home.  We will study and use Acoustica Mixcraft as our recording platform, because it is powerful and inexpensive.  Skills developed with Mixcraft are easily ported to other industry standard tools, such as Apple Logic or AVID Pro Tools.

Students will learn to record and edit audio, record and edit MIDI, apply effects, mix and master a finished product.  The class is very hands on and all participants will get experience with all aspects of the process.

Studio Equipment
We have a fully equipped professional studio that is ideal for our learning environment.  We have a selection of Yamaha professional keyboards and synthesizers, including a CP70 electric grand piano, a P115 digital piano, a DX7 synthesizer, and a Motif rack synthesizer.  We also have Roland XP80 and Juno-D synthesizers, as well as a Roland D-110 rack synthesizer.  For monitoring, we have Yorkville and Roland studio monitor speakers, a Crown amplifier, and a Soundcraft 24 channel mixing console.  On the software side of things, we have a great number of virtual synthesizers by Yamaha, Roland, and Korg, among other makers.  We also have a selection of electric and acoustic guitars, and a very unique kid sized electric bass guitar!

Costs of Attendance
All lessons are billed by the month, and there is no distinction based on the number of lessons in the month.  You pay a firm, fixed rate.

Regular private lessons:
45 minutes, once a week — $140.00 per month
Distance Learning program: — $20.00 per month

Group programs:
Varies depending on the class.  Inquire with the studio for current programs.