Piano Service

If your piano needs tuning or repairs, I would be happy to take care of you.  The Tuning Service Call includes tuning, minor adjustments and/or repairs to the action, removal of any foreign objects, pedal and trapwork adjustment and tightening of bench hardware.

I am the Professional’s Choice here in the Hampton Roads area, and have serviced more professional artists and touring acts than any other piano company in the area.

I am experienced and have hands-on experience with Steinway, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Kawai, Petrof, Fazioli, and other top brands, as well as the “living room” grade pianos such as Kimball, Story and Clark, Everett, Baldwin, and others.

I serve the following areas:

  • Newport News
  • Hampton
  • Poquoson
  • York County, including the areas of Tabb, Coventry, Grafton, Dare, Seaford, Marlbank, and the town of Yorktown
  • Williamsburg, Jamestown, James City County, Upper York County, Toano, and Norge

Although we also serve a number of customers on the Southside, I regret that I am no longer able to accept new clients on the Southside, due to time and travel difficulties.  I would be happy to refer you to a “friendly competitor”.

We service places of worship, schools, recording studios, concert halls, hotels, restaurants, funeral homes, clubs, piano dealers, and private residences.  If you have a commercial facility, school, or place of worship, and would like information on a regular service plan, we will visit your facility and discuss your needs with you at no charge.  There is a substantial per-visit discount involved with a service plan, and we trust that we can work out a schedule that would meet your needs.

I regret that due to age and generally poor condition of these pianos, I am no longer able to offer service on the following pianos:

  • Any piano older than WWII, which will include any tall upright piano;
  • Square grand (looks like a very large, massively built desk (sometimes they look like an antique pool table, with ornate carvings on the legs), has four legs, with the keyboard on the side);
  • Any spinet piano (upright pianos, generally about 36″ tall, these are extremely common, unfortunately, and about 75% of the pianos in people’s homes are spinets.  The problem is that they are all now at least 50 years old, and were only designed to last about 5-10 years; they have very short strings, are difficult to tune, do not generally hold a tune very long, and, all typically have mechanical issues that are impossible or not cost effective to fix);
  • Any mechanical player type paper-fed piano (digital player systems, such as PianoDisc or Disklavier are OK);
  • Any upright piano brought over to the US from England.

Due to my private lesson schedule, I am now booking appointments exclusively on weekends.  The typical piano tuning appointment takes about an hour.  I generally try to schedule on Saturday mornings, or, if you would prefer a Sunday afternoon, we can schedule around 2:00 pm.


  • Tuning Service Call — $125 per piano.  Small repairs and adjustments that can be perforned on the same visit are no extra charge.
  • Small Repairs — $50-75, depending on the distance traveled for the repair.  Small repairs would be for things such as to remove foreign objects from the piano, to adjust a sluggish key, and other things that we can discuss beforehand.

Repairs and/or Restoration — due to lack of resources and time, I regret that I am unable to offer comprehensive repair and restoration service.  I can perform minor repairs such as sticking keys, pedal adjustment, etc., at the same time as your piano tuning appointment.  For extensive repair work or complete restoration work, I recommend Terry Greene, RPT.  You can phone him at (757) 438-0111.  Tell him that Doug Norton referred you to him.

Grand Piano Moving — I recommend Jerry Mize, of Famous Jerry’s Piano Moving.  You can phone him at (804) 712-0986.  Tell him that Doug Norton referred you.  A grand piano move in Hampton Roads starts at about $400, and goes up from there.  This is NOT something you can do on your own, and is not something that most household movers can do properly.  They do not have the proper training, equipment, or experience, and it takes all three to move grand pianos.  You owe it to yourself and your piano to get a real piano mover to do it, and Jerry is your guy.  After he moves it, I will tune it for $125.  Jerry can also move your upright piano, but the cost of the move will generally outweigh the value of the piano.   Feel free to call and discuss with him, though.

Payment Terms
All fees are to be paid at the time of service, unless prior arrangements are made.

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