Recording Studio Services

For the aspiring singer, solo musician or small group, I offer recording services in the comfort and convenience of my teaching studio.  My studio is fully equipped with a 24 channel analog console, which feeds into my recording software of choice, Auria Pro, which runs on a 12.9” iPad Pro.  You’ll also find a number of keyboards available, and a great variety of software synths available as well.  I can handle accompanmient track and instrumental production if you need it, or, simply bring your tracks with you.  You are also welcome to play live, and we can capture you on our selection of mics.  Please feel free to inquire about my recording services!


  • Music production:
    • In-house Instrumental production (per song): up to five instruments (drums, bass, keys, guitar, pad) – $100.  Add additional instruments: $25 each.
    • Voice recording: $100 per song, up to five takes.  Additional takes $25 each.
    • Multitrack recording (live players on guitar, bass, drums, keys, etc.): $100 per song, up to five takes.
    • Punch-ins to fix mistakes: $10 each after five takes are used.
    • Mixing service is provided at no extra charge after recording session is complete.  Mixing is typically done after hours and on weekends as needed, whenever there is space in the schedule to accommodate.  If customer wishes to supervise mixing: $100 per song, because an appointment must be scheduled.
    • Studio time per hour: if you prefer to work by the hour, the rate is $55 per hour, or $140 per three hour block.   There is a two hour minimum on hourly sessions.
  • Sound editing/post production:
    • Editing digital music clips together (for cheerleaders, dance groups, corporate events, etc.):  $25 per finished piece.  Customer to provide original sound files in digital format.
    • Editing analog tapes (old cassettes into a digital format, etc.): $100 per tape.  Customer to provide original tapes.
    • Vocal editing (to remove mouth noises and fix pitch and intonation problems): $100 per song.
    • Drum editing (to fix timing issues by a live player): $100 per song.
    • Change tempo or key of a song: $10 per song.
    • Produce printed sheet music of a song we record: $10 per instrumental staff